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About Insulation Blankets & Related Products 

Insulation Blanket Removable Covers
REFLEX Manufacturing takes pride in the quality and consistency of all products and services.
Insulation Blankets 

Insulation blankets are primarily used for insulating areas that require access on a regular basis, where there is movement, or where complex shapes preclude the use of hard insulation. Blankets are mostly used for valves, flanges, instrumentation and odd-shaped equipment. While blankets are predominantly used for heat conservation, freeze protection, personnel protection, and process stabilization, they can also be used for noise control and to a limited extent, cold service applications. Insulation blankets are also known as soft covers, removable covers, removable insulation covers and removable blankets. REFLEX insulation blankets can be fabricated to accommodate operating temperatures from ambient to 1260º C (2300ºF) using various high quality fabrics, insulation and hardware. REFLEX can fabricate covers of various insulation thicknesses, with multi-layer designs and pre-formed for specialty items.

High Visibility - Insulation Blanket 

Insulation blankets can be fabricated using high visibility materials for ease of identification of critical equipment such as pressure safety valves, control valves and CSO valves.

Non-Insulated & Specialty Covers 

Reflex fabricates non-insulated and specialty covers for applications such as compressor fan screens, residential and commercial air conditioner screens, spare tire covers, fire extinguisher covers, insulated and non-insulated BBQ and smoker covers, custom food and drink insulation coolers, waterproof clipboards and many more applications. Please contact us directly for a full consult to customize your removable covers to suit your needs.

Fireproofing Insulation Blankets 

Reflex is capable of and experienced in fabricating Removable Fire Proofing Insulation Blankets in accordance with customer detailed specification (material build-up) and design parameters. Fire Proofing insulation blankets are used for valves, control valve actuators, piping connections (flanges) and piping itself.


Insulation blankets are commonly used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, universities, office towers, schools and recreation centers to insulation HVAC piping and equipment such as manual valves, control valves, steam traps, piping connections (flanges), heat exchangers and couplings. A wide variety of cost effective materials can be used and jacketing can be specified to match the colour of adjacent hard insulation cladding (white, canvas, grey).

Tracer Wrap 

Tracer Wrap (Grey Wrap) is an economical solution for covering tracer loops and bundle tracing on both steam and glycol systems as well as small bore piping and valves.Tracer Wrap provides both heat retention and personal protection. Tracer Wrap can be fabricated in custom widths, lengths and thicknesses. Reflex carries a large stock of Tracer Wrap and can typically provide custom sizing within 1 – 2 business days. Benefits: flexible, reusable, waterproof, easy to install hook and loop fastening.

Spray Shields

Spray Shields are specifically designed to prevent sprays or dangerous process fluid leaks from flanges and valve bonnets from causing injury to people or damaging property. Spray Shields are ideal for acid, caustic, solvent, fuel and oil environments. Recommended maximum operating temperature of 287 deg C with no hook and loop beyond 200 deg C.

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