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Specs & Standards

Removable Insulation Blanket - Vessel Cover
REFLEX is capable to fully customize Reusable Flexible Insulation Systems to meet our customer’s satisfaction and needs.
Design Standards:

REFLEX has the capabilities to meet the customer’s application and specifications.

  • Include the use of standardized field drawing templates and a rigorous in-house mentorship and training program.

  • Ensure peer-review of all field drawings and quality control systems throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Minimize the number of insulation blankets required - reducing costs.

  • Consider ease of cover installation.

  • REFLEX insulation covers can be fabricated to accommodate operating temperatures from ambient to 1260º C (2300ºF) using various high quality fabrics, insulation and hardware.

  • REFLEX can fabricate covers of various insulation thicknesses, with multi-layer designs and pre-formed for specialty items.

Dimensional Standards:
  • Individual blanket weight is calculated at the design stage to ensure compliance with OH&S and site-specific weight restrictions for lifting.

  • REFLEX has internal standards for appropriate quantities and positioning of fasteners, quilt pins, drawcord length, tag positioning and attachment of any other accessory to the blankets; ensuring quality and consistency.

Dimensional Standards: Pipe Cover Overlap
  • Our Design Technicians are trained to measure covers in order to adhere to the dimensional and insulation cut-back standards applicable to each project.

  • REFLEX insulation covers are designed to overlap the pipe covering by a minimum of 2 inches to provide a proper seal and minimize heat loss.

  • Our knowledge of piping and instrumentationis applied to accurately calculate and design the covers to fit the required cut-back standards, even if the pipe cover insulation is yet to be installed.

Quality Management 

REFLEX is high on quality to perform the best possible insulation blankets for our customers.
Our Quality Control Documentation includes:

  • Project specific quality plans and ITPs

  • Documentation on all NCR details

  • Our job sheets and CAD shop instructions are reviewed and initialed by all fabrication staff

  • Each fabrication lot has a completion checklist

Our Direct Quality Management includes:

  • Peer review of each field drawing

  • Estimators peer review all quotes and production lots

  • Each AutoCAD designs are reviewed by a senior CAD designer

  • Fabrication staff review at each stage of production

  • Quality Control sign-off at the packing stage

  • Review and sign-off of each cover installed (if installation is within scope)


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