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Removable Covers - Valve Station with Glycol Tubing
REFLEX Reusable Flexible Insulation Systems are designed as a long term insulation solution for process piping and equipment which requires regular maintenance.
Features of REFLEX Insulation Blankets
  • Reusable flexible & durable.

  • Quick fastening & release system.

  • Chemical & flame resistant materials.

  • Identification labels with serial number for replacement or duplication.

Reduce Insulation Time

REFLEX removable insulation covers take only minutes to install.

Waste Reduction

REFLEX insulation blankets can be re-installed, which reduces waste disposal.

Custom Design
  • REFLEX insulation blankets are custom tailored to each application.

  • REFLEX has the ability to manufacture based on the customers specifications.

  • Fully capable of complying with ASTM - C1695 Standard Specification for Fabrication of Flexible Removable and Reusable Blanket Insulation for Hot Service and PIP INSR1000 Installation of Flexible, Removable/Reusable Insulation Covers for Hot Insulation Service.

  • REFLEX can have our highly qualified Design Technicians travel to site to measure or REFLEX can prepare a template for our customers to complete. This will always ensure our insulation blankets are customized to suit our customers needs.

Broad Range of Applications
  • REFLEX removable insulation covers are designed to withstand process temperatures from ambient temperatures to 1260⁰C (2300⁰F).

  • While removable insulation covers are predominantly for heat conservation, freeze protection, personnel protection and process stabilization, they can also be used for noise control (acoustic) and, to a limited extent, cold service applications.

Reduce Operating Costs
  • REFLEX removable covers can increase operating efficiency through heat conservation.

  • REFLEX insulation blankets can be used throughout multiple maintenance cycles.

Design Effectiveness
  • Thorough consultation with the customer for seamless integration of insulation blankets and pipe covering (insulation cut-back standards, treatment of elbows, etc).

  • Form fitting covers to maximize heat conservation.

  • Cone reducers to provide a tight seal to the adjacent pipe cover insulation.

  • Wing-style covers can be utilized on valves of 3” NPS or smaller (cost effective and form-fitting one-piece cover).

  • Designed to minimized gaps between body and bonnet pieces.

Insulation Capabilities

REFLEX is capable of fabricating removable covers applicable to the maximum temperature of the customers needs. Acceptable materials which are in accordance to ASTM - C1695 are of the following:

  • Type E Needled Fiberglass Mat Insulation in accordance to ASTM - C1086

  • Flexible Aerogel insulation in accordance to ASTM - C1728

  • Microporous Insulation in accodance to ASTM - C1676

Insulation Blanket - Aerogel & Microporous

Other standard materials in which are acceptable are:

  • Semi rigid box covers for instrumentation such as actuators, transmitters and other items that need to be maintained.

  • Acoustic insulation blankets for noise attenuation purposes. This is suitable for operating equipment where the decibels are greater than acceptable. Common items are equipment on high pressure lines, control valves, compressors and exhaust systems.

Electrically Traced Insulation Blankets 

REFLEX can accommodate heat tracing by adding belt type loops within the liner of any cover for an electrical contractor. This allows them to run electrical tracing tight to the insulation rather than attached to the equipment for quick access.

Design Services

REFLEX is fully capable of traveling to the site to perform the custom designs of all covers within the blanket scope of work. Should the customer or end user instead wish to complete the measurements, Reflex is able to supply custom design templates to assist in gathering all required information.

Installation Services 

REFLEX is fully equipped to handle the insulation blanket scope of work including perform site installation services. Reflex works with the customer to ensure timely coordination between design, fabrication and installation. It is most common for the customer to perform the insulation blanket installation themselves. Reflex can provide its installation manual and project-specific documentation to greatly reduce installation time. Please contact Reflex for further details on our industry-leading project management systems.

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