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High Temperature Applications
  • Removable insulation covers for Exhaust Systems, Steam Turbines & Emergency Backup Power Generators.

  • Covers on equipment operating over 260⁰C are generally categorized as high temperature.

  • Covers can be designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures.

  • Stainless steel mesh is used as the liner to prevent covers from adhering to the equipment and extending the life of the blanket.

  • Reflex can fabricate stainless steel foil lined covers. This is suitable for high temperature applications where fluid barriers are required, such as hydrocarbon services above 260 deg C.

Insulation Blanket - Applications - Large Equipment or Thick Covers 100
Insulation Blanket - Applications - Large Equipment or Thick Covers 102
Insulation Blanket High Temperature
Insulation Blankets - Furnace Cover
Removable Covers - Bare Exhaust
Insulation Blanket - Covered Exhaust
Removable Covers - Bare Manifold
Insulation Blankets - Cover Manifold
Removable Covers - Exhaust
High Temperature Exhaust Cover
Removable Covers - Exhaust System
High Temperature Stainless Steel
Insulation Blankets - Steam Turbine
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